Poetry for unborn children

Poetry for unborn children

Poetry - In memory of those killed by abortion

Attached are a selection of poems written by various people re the tradegy of abortion.

It also has Spike Milligan's Unto Us which he read on RTE'S Late Late Show some years before his death.


Line Ill - New Line

Please Let Me Live


I am a new arrival

In the womb I have been formed

Defined by the rarest beauty

Only nature could adorn

Although very tiny

I am a person through and through

And should no one render harm to me

I will grow up just like you


They say we all have equal rights

From lifes beginning to its end

But who can see that all is right

And will my life defend

If in this world I need protection

You are the one I would choose to care

I am your child, you are my mother

Its a journey we both share


There are many gone before me

Others trail behind

Some arrived disabled

We are all of a kind

As we reach out for living

Knowing our journey is a trial

Please momma’s  wont you love us

If only for a while


We all know life is precious

Please don’t give up on me

There are so many things I have to do

So much to say and see

If my journey is  a short one

My life a moment it should be

One kiss, a hug, a cuddle

Would be a lifetimes love for me


PJ Brennan : http://www.pjbrennanpoet.com/pro-life-poem/

Line Ill - New Line

I'm sad you'll never get to see my face


Mother what is this I hear you say,
If I could talk I’d tell you it’s okay
I may not be born yet but I have ears
I’m only young but can sense your fears

I cannot see you yet but I do have eyes.

Mother I hate to hear your lonely cries.
I know you’re feeling afraid and sad,
I know your plan makes you feel bad.

N_Ezine_Baby Angel

But don’t feel bad mother please don’t cry,
I understand that you’ve been told a lie
All in the name of your choice and right,
my life is destined to lose its fight

I wish that I could make you see
that life will work out fine with me
They’ve told you that this is not the case,
I’m sad you’ll never get to see my face

But in the end I’ll be okay ,
it’s you I worry about when I’m taken away
You may feel pain in your body and soul,
what has happened to you is bound to take its toll

Despite all this mother you now have a mission,
to tell your story and make them listen
To tell them how you’ll never forget,
how you feel now and how you regret

I hope that in some way you can be strong,
to say the words abortion is wrong
To say you know because you were there ,
you saw first hand the lack of care

The lack of compassion , the lack of joy
and how you found out that I was a boy
I’m not saying this to make you feel bad,
I’m okay now mother it’s for you I feel sad

I know that everyday you feel sorry,
but you are forgiven so do not worry
If you can warn mothers about what you’ve gone through,
you may have the power to save a life too.

Aoife Pedreschi

Line Ill - New Line

An Holistic Approach For You And Your Unborn Child


Do not stop it’s heart.

For it beats in time to yours.

Each song has it’s song in

Chorus with the rest.

When you squash and still

Forever the ticking of a

Heart, you squash and still

Forever a harmony

Of Life.

Let it be – to beat it’s own

Drum in the onward march

Of Time.

For we each have music in our

Soul and each a message

For creation to behold.

Let it continue on into the

Cosmic whole.

All have their role, which may

Take a generation to unfold.

Do not stop its flight.

Start its life instead.

Brid Fitzpatrick

Line Ill - New Line

After The Darkness

Your heart is not alone as

It approaches the clinic,

Unknowing to its fate.

It’s beat will be stopped.

But then the feathered

Wings of angels will

Gather your life that was-

To-be and ascend the

Sacred paths of it’s


You will be among angels.

Brid Fitzpatrick

Line Ill - New Line

Ballad of the unborn

My shining feet will never run
On early morning lawn;
My feet were crushed before they had
A chance to greet the dawn

My fingers will never stretch
To touch the winning tape;
My race was done before I learned
The smallest steps to take

My growing height will never be
Recorded on a wall;
My growth was stopped when I was still
Unseen and very small

My lips and tongue will never taste
The good fruits of the earth;
For I myself was judged to be
A fruit of little worth

My eyes will never scan the sky
For my high-flying kite;
For when still blind, destroyed were they
In the black womb of the night

I'll never stand upon a hill
Spring winds in my hair;
Aborted winds of thought closed in
On motherhood's despair

I'll never walk the shores of life
Or know the tides of time;
For I was coming but unloved,
And that my only crime

Nameless am I, a grain of sand
One of the countless dead,
But the deed that make me ashen grey
Floats on seas of red

Fay Clayton, November 8th 1972

HD_I_P_TFR - mother playing with baby

Line Ill - New Line

A young life is gone

Mammy keep me safe, Mammy keep me warm,
And with all your love, help me to form.
I'm six weeks today and a birthday gift to me,
Is a pair of bright blue eyes so that one day I might see.
I've already got my arms, I have a podgy little nose,
And at the end of my feet are funny little things called toes.

I'm looking forward now to life; ice-cream, snails,
Teddy bears and long fairy tales.
Where are you going I wonder today? In a bus, in a car, far far away.
Why are you lying down being pushed on four wheels?
This doesn't happen - how funny it feels.

Banging through doors - all people in green,
If they hurt you Mammy; Mammy just scream.
Don't go asleep Mammy, don't leave me alone.
Mammy I'm scared, I want to go home.
Mammy what's happening, I'm starting to cry.
Run quick Mammy, I don't want to die.

They're killing me Mammy, they're pulling me apart.
My legs, my arms, they're cutting my heart.
Goodbye Mammy; Mammy, Mammy Goodbye.
Thanks for trying, but I won't see the sky.
I won't the see birds or the grass or the trees,
I won't sing sweet songs or feel a strange breeze.

I love you, dear Mammy, I really, really do

And I hope dear Mammy, that you loved me too.

HD_A_CV_POET_1 - baby close up eyes

Line Ill - New Line

Dear Mandy 

Lord, I still find the need to cry
Because my little girl had to die
But Lord I know when you
came I had to give her a name 

Dear Mandy 15 years ago
How I do not know
I denied you life
Because I wasn't a wife
You may never see
What this did to me
It was at high cost
For I also lost
The right to have another
Never to be a mother

You were my only one
Mandy, we could have had so much fun
The times we would have shared
For you I would have cared
I know you are in heaven above
And through my Father's love
I have been forgiven now
But I know not how
His love can be that wide
Now I have nothing to hide

God is looking after you
Until the day we two
Can be together once again
And be really free from pain
Mandy I ask you to forgive
Your mother
But at the time I could see no
Other way out of the situation
I never knew you were a creation

Now it is a different story
God has given me the glory
To go and tell one and all
How I was such a fool
If only I had known there was a life inside
So many tears I needn't have cried

HD_A_CV_Pain_Reports - close up baby face

Line Ill - New Line


Loving God, creator of all human life, we adore You and worship You

You create all human beings in your image

May we, Your people, dedicate ourselves to defending the preborn and all those threatened by the culture of death

We ask You to touch the hearts of all mothers considering abortion, the abortionists, and those who support killing preborn babies.

HD_A_CV_Intro - baby close up eyes

Line Ill - New Line

Day of our age

One year ago, a child was never born. It's life
was terminated before it ever reached the light of day.
The story was kept and never told, until one day of the
fall in 1994. The story was told, and eyes were darkened
by the sins of the father, and the cruelty and sadness of
the mother, the mother of the unborn. The
mother told the tale to the Companion, and the Companion swore loyalty and trust.

One year-day it now is, and will come to pass,
and these are the scenes in this age: The father of the
unborn, not knowing, not aware of this day to pass.
The mother of the unborn, aware of this day, but not
willing to accept the weight of the past.

But on this day, one pair of eyes stare at the sky,
and wonder about the fate of the mortals.
One pair of eyes
are wet from tears. One says a silent prayer to the soul of
the unborn, as the tears fall, and the sky turns gray as
steel, and open it's gates and cries with me.

The Companion cries where no one else does, since I remember the tears of
the mother, the harshness of the father, and the unopened
eyes of the unborn child, to have been one year old on this day,
if time had come to pass.

Say a prayer to the unborn this day, as no one else will remember.

Rasmus Hansson, 7th April, 1995

HD_Bio_FAQ - close up of baby hand

Line Ill - New Line

In the life of a child 

A hundred years from now,
it will not matter what
my Bank Account was,
the sort of house I lived in,
or the kind of car I drove,
but the world may be different
because I was important
in the life of a child.

HD_NL_Premature_Intro - premature birth

Line Ill - New Line


How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers

Mother Teresa

Line Ill - New Line

Unto us 

Somewhere at sometime
They committed themselves to me
And so I was!
Tiny in shape
Lusting to live!
I hung in my pulsing cave.

Soon they knew of me
My mother - my father
I had no say in my being
I lived on trust
And love
Tho' I couldn't think
Each part of me was saying
A silent 'Wait for me!
I will bring you love!'

I was taken
Blind, naked, defenceless,
By the hand of one
Whose good name
Was graven on a brass plate
in Wimpole Street,
And dropped on the sterile floor
Of a foot-operated plastic waste bucket.

There was no Queen's Counsel,
To take my brief.
The cot I might have warmed
Stood in Harrod's shop window.
When my passing was told
My father smiled,
No grief filled my empty space.
My death was celebrated
With two tickets to see Danny La Rue
Who was pretending to be a woman
Like my mother was...

by Spike Milligan

A_CV_SpikeMill - spike milligan

Spike Milligan, actor and comic