After Abortion: Linda's Letter

Dear friend,

I was seventeen when I had my first abortion. I was a perfect candidate: too young, hadn't finished high school yet, no money, no skills, father of the baby didn't want to marry me, and adoption was too painful to think about.

Later in Nursing School, when I saw pictures of foetal development, I was shocked. That blob of tissue had feet, hands and a heartbeat.

I had become very interested in women's health care and reproductive rights, fighting for women's right to abortion, but what I was saying conflicted with what I was feeling.

Some of the things were:

In Weba (Women Exploited by Abortion) I finally found women who didn't tell me I had "made the best decision at the time." They understood my struggle with denial and allowed me to express my feelings by saying, "I can't believe I killed my babies."

For women who say that they don't regret killing their babies, I say, "Wait." It took me five years to break through the stage of denial.

If there is grief, there was death.

If there was death, there was life.