Animal Directive

Animal Directive

Animal Experimentation Directive


Elisabeth Jeggle (MEP for Württemberg-Hohenzollern and memeber of the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) has presented a draft directive entitled ‘The protection of animals used for scientific purposes.’ This draft directive builds upon directive 86/609/EEC and 2003/65/EC. Both of these directives are concerned with regulated the use of animal experimentation by implementing the 3R’s: Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement. These measures attempt to reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in research and experimentation.

The present draft directive, currently adopted at the 2nd reading stage by the Agriculture Committee, awaits its final vote at the Plenary meeting of the European Parliament on September 7 2010. If approved, the report will become official EU Law, resulting in scientists using human embryos rather than animals for testing and experimentation.

Danger present in the draft directive & important amendments needed

On 7th June 2010 the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) released a press statement. The COMECE press release expresses concern about Article 4 paragraph 1 of the report: ‘Member States shall ensure that, wherever possible, a scientifically satisfactory method or testing strategy, not entailing the use of live animals, shall be used instead of a procedure.’

There are 4 very important amendments that explicitly seek to protect human embryos and foetal tissues from being considered alternatives to animal testing. At this point, none of following amendments have been included in the draft Directive:

There are four amendments proposed which would protect human embryos (amendments 175, 176, 227 and 228

More information in support of these points can be found in the 7 June 2010 press release by the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (COMECE)



Ms. Elizabeth Jeggle
Germany: European People's Party

D_EU_Elizabeth Jeggle - Elizabeth Jeggle

    • Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands
    • Born on 21 July 1947, Untermarchtal
    • Member of the European Parliament (since 1999); vice-chair of the CDU/CSU group in the European Parliament (since 2004); member of the EPP Group bureau (since 2004). Vice-chair, Animal Welfare Intergroup (since 2004).
    • Chair of Catholic Independent Schools Foundation, Rottenburg-Stuttgart Diocese (since 2001).

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