Babies we were told to abort : Stacy

Stacy Jackson, 21, lives in Sunderland with her partner Lee Scott, 22, a shop fitter, and their son Jaxon, 21 months

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 Stacy with son Jaxon

Lee and I met at school and have been together for five years. From the age of 18 I was desperate to have his baby and we were thrilled when, two years later I got pregnant. But when I went for a routine scan at 20 week the sonographer said, "I'm afraid I can see some abnormalities in the baby's brain. I'll need to show the results to your consultant."

We had to wait an agonising two days to see the consultant but nothing could have prepared us for his bombshell. He was severely brain damaged, and there fore would be completely disabled

"Your baby may last a day, a week or a month," he explained, "but it's not just not possible for it to survive for long." He finished by saying I should think about having abortion. Each word was like a knife to my heart. The baby had just started to kick and every time I felt it our bond grew deeper.

Although abortion horrified us, Lee and I had to consider what we'd put ourselves through if we went ahead with the pregnancy. We kept saying to the consultant, "How can you be so sure?", almost begging him to change his mind. He remained adamant but offered us a second opinion.

We grabbed the opportunity as Lee and I couldn't bear to face the alternative. After further tests the doctor told us the baby had a condition called ventriculomegaly, where parts of the brain become enlarged. But, he added, there was a 60% chance of him being fine, although he might need an operation to drain excess fluid from his brain. Not perfect odds but they were enough for us. And when Jaxon was born on December 20, 2005, I held him close and whispered into his downy hair, "You're going to be fine." A scan a few days later showed there was no brain damage, although he did need the operation. When the doctor broke the news I cried with relief.

Since then every day has been a miracle. Jaxon is a happy, chubby, gorgeous little boy. What hurts is that, had I followed the original advice, my son wouldn't be here. I went through with the pregnancy .And all because one doctor was convinced he was right.

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